Portraits of the World

Portraits of strangers I met in cities all over the world

50 portraits of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the largest and busiest cities I have visited. It is amazing how vibrant this city is.

50 portraits of Chang Mai

One of the most relaxed cities, where everyone was happy to pose in front of the camera.

25 portraits of Paris

Paris was preparing for the Olympics to come while I was interested in the people in this amazing city;

50 portraits of Belgrade

This album contains 50 portraits of people I met in the Belgrade during my visit in the summer of 2023.

50 portraits Skopje

During my short stay in Skopje I met a lot of friendly people. I was happy to take 50 beautiful portraits in 2023.

portrait India - New Delhi

75 portraits of New Delhi

What a wonderful country India is. There are so many wonderful people in the city of New Delhi alone. So colorful and friendly.

75 portraits of Barcelona

Sun, See, Culture and Architecture combined with so many beautiful and interesting people.

75 portraits of New York

Portraits of 75 complete strangers shot in NYC , the city that never sleeps. All photos taken in one afternoon.

75 portraits of Amsterdam

It is great to be in Amsterdam. This city has so many different people. At street and place you can find special people.

50 portraits of Stockholm

Despite the cold weather, the people were happy and cheerful in February in Stockholm.

50 portraits of Tel Aviv

I captured the people of Tel Aviv through my lens, have a look at the 50 unique portraits.

75 portraits of Budapest

It was a chilly day in Budapest, but the people were friendly and warm.


75 portraits of Jerusalem

Explore the captivating faces of Jerusalem captured by me in this beautiful city.

75 portraits of Antwerpen

On a summer afternoon, I photographed 75 strangers in Antwerp,

75 portraits of Athene

Een dagje in Athene om 75 onbekenden vast te leggen in de straten van Athene.

75 portraits of Utrecht

An amazing day in Utrecht, at the Jaarbeurs with Comic Con 2019 (winter edition). So many happy cosplayers together..